Let Me Compose Myself

let me compose myself
like a symphony
note tumbling upon note until
they are chasing each other
down the staff
and through the measures until
i have composed an opus
a song calm as the thrust
of the ocean upon sand
so i can turn
and have a song to play
trembling fingers on the violin
dragging from the strings
song and sound
a composition, a calmness
the thought of my body
in your arms
when you cradled all of me
and carried me home
and the song i have sounds
the way the air smells like winter
in the morning
around november when
the wind carries a bite
and the bite is its warning:
'Get out while you can
the winter is harsh
your skin will be chapped and red
and the cold will kill the crops
your stomachs will rumble
like the roll of a drum
your winter hunger will expand
beyond the need of food
your cold fingers will
long for the warm press of summer'
as they press the strings against
the fingerboard
pulling the silence from the air
and funneling it down my throat:
i am quiet;
you are bringing forth into
my wordlessness the reality of sound
you are replacing the silence
with song
a composition i remember
as my own

(july 2007)

by ryan blood

Comments (1)

Gorgeous composition. The greatest works have no need of music, for they are the music themselves. 20/10