AA (26th March,1992 / Rairangpur)

Let Me Cry...

On the day of friendship
Broke up a thread of relationship.
Tears left its eyes i a blink
And kissed my lips so pink.

Tears then flowed into my blood
Entering through the lane of my blood vessels from the stomach
Destined to reach the 'Heart of Compassion'
Just to ask a simple question.

'Nowadays, why don't the 'Mirrors of Feelings'
Ever feel sorry for anything?
Aren't they loyal to their duty
Or they are, for you, trustworthy?

I cant live
Where there is no place for apology
I pity the person
With whom my eyes have shown discourtesy.

Dont ever it's lid land down
Don't ever your heart pumps up
When you are attacked by the darts of taunt
When you are insulted in a mob.

Now, the 'king of Compassion'
Before the tears, bow down
Beating at a faster rate
Laughting at its own fate.

Before the tear drops, the king regretted
'Me the nervecentre of love, affection, pity and hate,
How did i get swayed?
The eyes facing the 'Mean-so-World'

Has made me the antonym of my title.
No sensitivity
For the people Your eyes see
For they have made me so feelingless to feel.

Again all my senses are restored
I thank you from my core.
Now, I've started feeling sorry
For the mistakes done in history.

Please go back to your Friend
They need you at every end.
Through my blood, a message will be sent
To ask for help from the brain.

So can we the trio
Work in a flow
For every wrong deed
We always feel apology

'And Carry Humanity.'

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Great talent shown in this piece, well penned with a lot of emotion...Keep it up! 10+++ Love and Peace....
very very very marvallous poems..........i wish u 2 continue ur way of expressions....................................