Let Me Die

Poem By William Katongo

I have known a life bitter,
Days of pain I've lived through,
Since I took the life from you.
Yes, I was your killer.

My only love I slew,
With a sharp dagger,
I spilt the blood of my children's mother.
Watched as her soul,
Poured to the floor.
And I didn't mean to.

Others kill because of hate
And because of greed,
Hearts bleed,
I killed because I loved her!
I couldn't let her leave me for another,
She promised to be my soul mate.

1967,5th of July
Many years have passed,
I can't forget the night I held you last;
The night you quietly bled into the past.
Your bones are now part of dust,
Yet God won't let me die.

Now my heart's rotten,
My soul broken.
I no longer have sight,
I've forgotten the color of light.
Yet I remember the color of her eyes
I grow weaker each day,
My existence slowly fading away.
Why am I still here?
Why hasn't my heart succumbed to this pain I bear?
The Lord's punishing me for the life I had stolen.

Not a day have I not felt your presence within these walls,
You come to me every night
Calling me to the light.
A resting place for the tired souls.

I've known a life bitter,
Grant me rest on your chest
My love,
My only love.
I miss the warmth of your breasts,
In your arms let me lie,
Now, I am ready to die.
Put me to sleep with your whisper.

Let me die.
My love,
My only love.

Let me die.

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