Let Me Die...

Poem By Fernando Alvarez

Do you see my many scars,
the ones I try to hide?
Do you see that even though I breathe,
on those days I truly died?
Can you see how my body lives
and my soul is gone, dead...
Don't you even realize on those days,
How I wish it was my breath that left instead?
You keep bringing me back, saving me
You don't realize that saving me, is to let me die
Saving me, is ending my everlasting pain...
why can't you just let me go, why?
I am not worth the effort, worth the fight
cause I'm forever dead inside
Just let me die in peace,
let my life be mine to decide...
Let me decide to live or die.
Just let me go, don't ask me why
Just say you love me as I fade,
But don't you ever let your tears cry...
Because in my death I'm free...
Free of my horrid past, and my pain
Just let me know that you love me,
I'll know then, that my life wasn't in total vain..
So let me go, don't bring me back
don't fight for me, for I, myself, cannot.
I hate to say this, but I'm done..
I've lost, even through all I've fought...
Just let me fade into my paradise...
Let me go to my everlasting peace...
Just hold me tight, close to your heart
as mine begins to cease...

Just remember that I loved you,
more then my heart could ever hold.
I even love you now, for letting me go
as my body goes from warm to cold...
Thank you for letting me go
for caring about my choice
Just remember now I dance totally free...
and everyday I for once truly rejoice....

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