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Let Me Embrace You
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Let Me Embrace You

Poem By Lars Persen

You are purity
Like Ravel’s Bolero
Without drums
Without violas
Only the intriguing sound
Of the obo
Melting my heart
Like ice on

You are diversity
Performing mirror images
When the moon is high
Making imperfect
Lines of reflecting
Beams in almost
Perfect water

You are divinty
Cause I don’t know you
Yet you know me better
Than the objective truth
Cause you have seen me
How I really am
And you took my soul
And let it be your heart
Of rememberance

You are statistics
A name, a number
Yet like no one I have met before
You are the beauty of my heart
As you collect my pieces
And make me whole
And my random thoughts
Are in balance

So when you see me
Across the lake
Stand still!
Just wave at me, carefully
And I will run to you
Stopping half way
Trying to figure out
That you are not
A ghost
But the half of me

Let me embrace you then, my dear

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If I really see you....over the lake....I will wave.........