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Let Me Go
SC Sandy Caron ( / )

Let Me Go

years have passed so slow, so fast.
time drifts away but the memories...
they always stay.
Why cant they just let me go
set me free let me be
taking up so much of my mind
yet somehow I know
I'll be fine.
I'll get through like I always do
Pain washed away with tears
scars somehow vanish through all the years
or were they never really there at all
never really visible like bruises from a fall
unseen on the outside...bruises on my soul
why wont they just let me go
some think time heals all wounds but that just isn't so
all these years later and they wont let me go.

Yesterday I tried to remember how it felt
to hold my tiny baby girls...tiny faces...messy curls
all the things i tried to soak in
when i was holding them back then
pictures are nice but they aren't the same
you can get lost in a memory it can take you back again
as if you were right there in the moment
feeling it, living it...being in it.
I can remember the painful ones like they happened yesterday
but try as I might I can't remember holding my little girls that way.
It's as if the bad memories have left room for nothing good
I want to escape them...free up my mind if I just could
All these years later and they won't let me go.
Or is it me holding on to them? I guess I don't know.
Either way I'll get through
like I always do
Chin up, head held high.
I'm going to be just fine...

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