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Let Me Go

To feel the pain
To be a failure
is all I want.
You protecting me
You sheltering my emotions
is all I know.
I want to lose
I want to fall
so I can stand alone.
You're like a thorn
You're like a splinter
I cant get out.
I don't have freedom
I dont have strong will
I have never tried again.
I'm no longer a child
I'm no longer weak
let me go.
I can do this now
I can fail but win
thank you.
You let me fall
You let me lose
I stand finally alone.
My courage is more
My will is strong
soon I will cry.
Tears will fall
Tears will drop
now I feel the pain.
You let me go
You let me free
I finally feel emotions.

You've held me so tight for so many years, now that I have freedom I feel the pain I was longing for.

by Disected Heart

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