(1878 - 1960 / United States)

All That Remains Of Me

All that Remains of Me

All that remains of me
Will be nothing less of a man

If you are nothing less of a woman
Who can cuddle me and let me sleep with my tightembrace,
Who hums softly and make the nights safe from its dark moors and landings.

Who turn to be this soft human pillow to be straddled to in the night till morning

All the prevalent memories of a complete home, sanctuary and a beautiful attractive world.

Maybe if the world would suffer on a major earthwake tommorow,
We would come unscaped among the wreakages

As if nature would not provoke these scenarious,
As ifi would rather die in your arms and ignore all the possibilities of an Armagedon,

And stay calm until the last breath of air escape my fatigue body.

Fragile in the unweavering gaze of your caring eyes.
Apalpable breathing body you can still touch and kiss and thank the Gods it was a just a bad dream

A preciousremainder of how sad it will be if there was not a You

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Comments (4)

Lovely... thoughts of the wordings are very vivid.
A beautiful and thought provoking desire incorporated in a sweet song with little flight of imagery.
lovely; For it has hammered loud enough, Clamored enough, when all is said: Only its quiet part shall live When I am dead.
..........a wonderful poem....to be as lovely as a tree would be a dream...