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Let Me In
JC (07/04/1989 / )

Let Me In

Poem By J.D. Crockett

I'll heal the cuts that make you bleed
be the support that you really need
channel your pain straight into me
open your mind and let me see
let me help your tortured soul
and someday soon make you whole
hurting yourself cuts me to the quick
and in fact your making us both sick
I feel sick from the worry for you
I know your walls are far from few
making omlets there's eggs to crack
do your worst and I'll push back
I'll not retreat I'll stand my ground
until I know you are safe and sound
hate me and I'll keep pushing at that spot
you wont drive me away like it or not
so long as you don't start hurting yourself
theres nothing you can do to my health
whatever you've done to those in the past
it doesn't scare me I am gonna last
now the debate has come to an end...
now baby please just let... me.. in.

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