Let Me Know

I fell in darkness,
As he broke my heart.
I emerged,
When you picked me up.
I blossomed, I soared,
For how long, I never know.

From all that I see,
There’s always a thing or two bothering me.
Are you here to stay,
Or just to play.
Which is it,
Let me know.
Games and thoughts hurt like hell,
That’s why I need you to tell.
Is this meant,
Or is it all fake.
Don’t worry about me,
The truth, I could take.

Are you using me,
Like you did the rest.
You came from the game,
Not from true love.
I guess I changed you,
That’s what all say.
You changed me too,
In every way.
Let me know,
What am I to you.
Don’t play with my heart,
Because that’s not what I need you to do.
I need you to let me know,
What am I to you?
Are you using me
Or is your love true?

Let me know,
Yes, indeed.
That’s all I’ll ever need.
The truth is what I ask for,
The truth is the source.
Can you be true enough,
To tell me that.
I’m not asking for too much,
Just what matters in life.
I want us to last,
You know indeed.
The love I have for you,
Is as true as could be.
The trust, and the value,
Is all of you.
Just be honest with me,
Just be true.
Let me know,
What I asked.
Don’t put it on wait,
Or say it’s the past.
For me to be strong and to believe,
I need it answered.
So answer it please.
Don’t go around it,
Just jump to it.
I aint gaming, my love,
That we’ve had enough.
Just tell me,
Let me know.
If I need to,
I promise to keep it on the low.
Are we meant?
I think so,
What about you?
Let me know.

by Adnana Saric

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A good question deserving an honest answer. Straight from the heart. Regards Patricia Gale