Let Me Say...

Loafing on the dark purple grounds so lone,
Stands the messenger of all loves in an artistic background;
Showing up the face even before the clock would struck,
Lighting up the way for the birds to the nests;
No poet a spare spilling all his words to u,
But let me the first one to ask-Are u in love too?

Amidst the stars above, U still glow down,
And sometimes along with source together;
Searchin for someone who have ur heart?
She s lucky to have u forever;
Whisper me the name of ur dove,
On this blue nite by giving all ur love;

There s nothing to hide, no doubt what so ever,
I knew exactly for whom u stay astound;
Isn’t it the same one whom u everyday go around?
No wonder why u look, dull at times,
Since years u began this chase for her;
Ur love is true & its hard to see it in despair;

Races outraged, empires down,
Still ur voyage goes on & on;
At u other loves gaze and entertain,
U still seem to smile holding all the pain;
How many more nites ll u stay wake?
Let me tell wat I feel to say;

For all ur sleepless lone nites,
Even without sayin the words of love,
U have made her look blue;
Even after these years passed by,
She has never been even once without u,
Worry not on moon..! She loves u too…!

by Arun Achudh

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