Let Me Start My Day.

Sitting on soft spongy sofa
in my balcony,
stir'ing a hot cup of coffee
hand on my forehead
picturing nothing....

A blank of darkness
yawning....every second
so moody
so lazy....

As the sudden
tender morning breeze
blown towards me
from the east of (Mount Angsi)
kissing me silently on my cheeks.....

Closing my eyes
taking a deep breath
felt a vibration
knocking me by
sending a clear message
from a distance,
felt the warmth
of something or someone..
squeezing my soul....
stabbing me deep
into my heart...

Without any warning
tears came rolling by
riding speedly
on my cheeks
feeling uneasy
some kind of pain
hard to explain.....

Pulling myself away
trying to deny the truth
hiding, from...
something or someone....
I know the..U

Fighting my thoughts
chasing away my blues
saying to myself
shooooooooooooo! ! ! go away
give me a break! ! ! !

Stir'd my coffee again
as it was getting cold
Ohhhhhhh, taste'd bitter
spat it on the floor
spluttering myself

Am I
Missing out something here?
yeah! ! ! !
let me start my day
Need to spice up
by adding.... something sweet....
don't u think?


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