Let Me Stay

The Psychopath of doom is here to take me away. But no, no, no, I wanna stay.
I don't wanna leave the quiet little town. I don't wanna go to the big city. Just leave me be, just leave me here. It's where I'm happy. Yes, I don't fit in with the mainstream but that's who i am. I know he is never home, but I'm better without him, but I don't understand why you just won't leave me alone. I hate the city, I hate the confusion, I hate the indecisiveness of your soul. Make a choice stick to it. Don't worry about the consequences. It's better to do something, then do nothing at all. So let me go, take your hands off of me, get away, and stay there. I'm happy here, I'm better here, and I don't even need my father. All I want, All I need, I already have, and if you try to pull me away I'll get there faster. I'm sick of you, so leave me to myself, leave me so I can cry my bloody tears, of how you ruined my life....again.

(Date: Wed.11-19-08)
(Time: 2nd Period Acc. Math I)

by Charlie Helms

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Wow. Well done and I think I know why this alll came about.... Math class (smile)