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Let Me Survive,

Let me survive,
Let me survive in all my suffering,
Thinking that my motivation is with a calling,
I will survive in all that is to be seen on earth,
I think that life is all that hard lessons,

Let me survive with all the hardships,
That we are all working for the Great Prophecy,
Let us wake up with survival,
That the legends come up with the good stories,
That the world hast alot of Competition,
There is more serious than that,
Let me survive,
I hate to see us losing that name that was Written,
You was like someone great to us in the form of Greatness,
I can understand that you will let me live in all my suffering,
That the great calling is thinking of the Global System is a watching,
I can understand that you will let me survive,
That in all the extinct,
Will you return and tell me more,
That we will survive with all the discomfort,
In all the chastening,
Let me survive that I may see the Globe all clearly,
I can see them all in all that is to be done under the sun.

by maxpoet beauty

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