Let Me Take You

let me take you
to a world of pure darkness and despair
where the light of hope is only found by few
and you must wonder
how I
such a gentle and calm soul
discovered such a hell hole
I say to you
look at the man weeping over that grave in front of him
and to your shock thats me
grieving over
not one but two graves
contianing what gave warmth in the storm
and what gave me bravery in front of my enemies
thus I bid farewell to my lost love
yet also to my sanity
and deport you from my conscience
so we may no longer share this fear
let this be my final gift to you
as I too flow into the streams of oblivion

by Brute da Poet

Comments (4)

i really enjoyed reading this. very nicely put together, but dont let life get you down :)
aww....its sad, i hope u feel better
welcome to poemhunter. its a nice but a sad poem. don; t give up in life. it will show you both ups and downs always remember. just wait and watch. good luck and take care. see some of my poems if you want.
your words beautifully portray this sad theme.. i really enjoyed this poem