Let Me Tell You A Secret

Let me tell you a secret,
one, which is quite true.

I am from another planet,
that is red, where this one is blue.

I saw your planet from way out in space,
when standing there one day.

I thought that’s where I will head,
so, I did and at first it seemed o.k.

I’ve been here now for many a year,
the violence is really bad.

And some of your people,
Are rather quite mad.

So, I’m heading home now,
home is where I will go.
I’ve stopped my roaming,
through the universe.
So’ it’s goodbye,
good luck cheery oh.

by Pamela lutwyche

Comments (3)

Very good story-telling attitude flaunted.Jay and Maxi will sleep now.
Yes, a lot of violence, but couldn't you find anything good to keep you here? Actually, you might have a lot of company if they only knew how to be with you.
hmm. great poem. its very interesting :) .. keep up the good work..