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Let Me Tell
DD (07-25 / Monrovia Liberia)

Let Me Tell

Poem By Dekontee Dukuly

Let me tell you
what I love
About my Babe,
not a man of
Ordinary character
A man of extraordinary merit

May I Elucidate?
Artistic is his nature
Ooh! He makes me quiver

Poise, A man
Of Integrity
His words are like poetry

His Eyes,
Passionate as
The summer night's sky,
Lips so Decadent
He's my chocolate.
If he was lethal
I'll be dead
Cause more and
More is what I want Instead

Let me tell you
What I love
About my Babe,
His stares
sends my soul dancing
Saying it
Has my temperature rising

He mastered my body
Like an Instrument
In tone with my emotions
Playing to my love dance

A pure soul
Man of Confidence,
Profound, Renaissance leader
A man of Principle

Let me tell you
What I love
About my Babe,
Family is primary
Can't wait
Till we get marry
Not that we
Are in a Hurry
Life Plans
Must not be scurry

I love everything about
him you see
For I love him
Just as he is
And that will always be

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