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Let Mother Nature To Take Care Us.....

God has heavenly created
our universe with beautiful flora
He has grown so many trees
with variety of gardens in it
These trees are looking at God
everyday and never fail
to worship him in the morning
These trees are some way or the
other very useful to human beings
These trees are balancing our nature
by breathing carbondioxide and
giving us oxygen to live healthy life.
When the nature is dancing with trees
The rain pour from the heaven and fills
our mountain valleys to give nation water
It's takes years to grow a tree
but it's takes only a day to cut down
If we want our mother nature to take care of us
then let us grow more trees without cutting them down.

by Ravi Sathasivam

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you are you know that who cuts a tree without a cause(for the wood) as if he has killed a person.......and God will punish him for this tree...