Let My Body Float On By

If you’re there watching the shore lines embankment
And you see me steeped feet under the waters current
My eyes maybe closed and my heart has now stopped
Just leave me to my own sense of peace I had so hoped

As the rivers turn and the corners carry me far away
In my mind this sense of deathly peace on this day
Like no other as this has been my end for at least now
Falling deeper into the waters of my submerging brow

Currents of my consequences of many that I have faced
In this life I’ve so far embellished yet never been graced
Many anxieties I have breathed and moments I do regret
So let me go as I feel nothing, please just now accept

My heart maybe still and the soul so now speechless
Let the sun set and let my eyes miss the expressionless
Waters soak my many tears fallen in times misfortunes
To be carried; my broken body to more gracing fortunes

Let the kingfishers song see witness to my now passing
Witness my body in stillness and feel the witnessing
Of something I never found in this huge world so far
Not a step forwards to save me as this washes the scar

I held love in my arms and tasted a kiss upon my lips
Witnessed the excitement of making love which tips
Me over to the power of the human spirit and heart
Washing over me like many years that left me in part

Which is all that is left of me to now conjure this finality
Birds will sing like a choir on my days left so in gravity
Of a beautiful Earth to which I am left to forever wonder
In the everlasting peace of this torrent and pastures yonder

Be in the happiness for me as I am now where I want to be
No angel of death can reach me here and so now I am free
So beyond now the forests, the seas and this everglades sky
I beg you as a friend don’t save me, let my body float on by

by Vision Ghost

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