Let My Country Awake..............

When the mind is set without fear
When the word speaks without lie
When the heart is free from dirt
When the knowledge earns without waste
When the hatredness dies without curse
When the love lives without trouble
When the freedom showers without crush
When the nature hugs without anger
When the heaven throws its blessing without limit
When the silent march forward to the freedom
Let my country awake.

by Ravi Sathasivam

Comments (13)

Good write.......well said 10 points
Birds of love take to the blue skies, man and man gets bound in humane ties, truth will rise and triumph over lies, into such beautiful dawn of freedom.....let ur country awake! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
very nice poem written on a sensitive issue. thanks for sharing.
an international anthem...a wise prayer to live by...a 10+ for this univeral appeal
this is a very nice poem, when i saw that you are living in sri lanka, i can imagine your poems with those people who are suffering there.. its a very sad situation that is prevailing in sri lanka.. i too wish that people get a freedom from brutal attacks..
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