Let Not... Your Heart Be Troubled! ! !

Poem By Patricia Martin

With the worries and cares in life
Come... to Our Savior
Live Free! With Jesus Christ! ! !
When Life seems to be unfair
Come... to Our Lord in Prayer
For He's the Only Way!
For Us to become Saved
Redeemed From Our Sins
Become Born-again!
When things in Life Can Get you down
Jesus is waiting, He can be Found!
With His Love and given Grace
We All have a place!
All God's Promises we can obtain
By accepting and Believing in Him!
Or His Holy Name! “Jesus Christ”
Jesus went a way, He Will return! any day! !
Jesus said “I and My Father are One”
You can't come to the Father
Unless you Come to His Son” “Jesus Christ”

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