Let Peace Prevail In This World.......

When you look for peace
then the peace lies within you
When you search for peace
then it is not hard to find

by Ravi Sathasivam Click to read full poem

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Beautiful poem...thoughtful and reflective.....peace peace and peace...../////
Fine and lofty verse with a call for universal brotherhood of man. Witty rendition of words set aside for sober reflection. Thanks for sharing Ravi.
We all dream for peace bcoz that is the reconciliation and solution for our country's keep it up.
Powerful perspective presented in this poem!
i really dont care at all what so ever
We all dream for peace, but for that we need to be peaceful A poem with an universal appeal.
(Let Peace Prevail In This World....... - Poem by Ravi Sathasivam.) Peace begins within each of our heart. May we all strive for it.
Peace alone can germinate the seeds of goodness. A nice poem.
A wonderful realization about peace, though we know but truly most of us fail to implement them in our life. Wish we can implement them. Thanks for sharing.
Great writing about peace and this is a great poem that I loves much.
Good advice Ravi Sathasivam, but in real life everyday is a struggle to find peace as we are always surrounded by warriors of words..Nice poem Thank you for sharing
Peace a nice message of peace in the poem is very interesting.
A nice message for the most wanted thing on Earth... May it happens..soon..
a wonderful poem on peace...very true...when we are in peace with others...then the whole world lives within you...golden words...i take this into my favs...
wonderful abstract poem about peace, thank you for sharing..........10+++++
That is a nice theme. peace is what we all need now in the world. thanks for sharing your insight with all. take care
'When you allow peace flow around the world then your hateness will go and love will flow' true indeed...it s time we stop hating the tiger...spread god''s love in this land
lovely lines these are ravi When you make peace with others then the whole world live in your heart
Nice poem, it has enlightened me
I like this it really makes you think.