Let People Rule

In olden days some specialized people managed war front
They had unique art and presented it to kings very blunt
They were given place in kingdom and adored seat
So many wars were won and it was considered marvelous feat

So is the role open for modern viewers and poets
They can’t remain mute spectator or quiet
It becomes equally important to rise to occasion
Arouse the public opinion and inflame the passion

It is poet's passion that ignites
Compel him to imagine and write
The real values of human life and misery
To remove the sadness and make him merry

Not all might have done same
Yet they have earned and brought the fame
We still miss them at our heart
As it was well beginning and start

The world is sitting on live volcano
Human race seems to be locked with inferno
Where is the way out to offer resistance?
Even though it is left voluntarily to insistence

The revolution has not come all of sudden
It may have lots of sufferings and pain even
It is never dieing out cream for secured future
Someone has to strive hard and make it sure

The news are flashed across globe in no times
It has desirous impact and effects sometimes
Yet people have to undergo lots of sufferings
There is no enough heed to their patience and offerings

I would pray for quick end to their plight
So many have lost their lives in peaceful fight
How come it is that we have to offer blood?
There is enough of misery and shortage of food

Billions are siphoned away and used for luxury
It is adding to their woe, misery and worry
It is high time we harness the poetic skill
Let people rule supreme with powerful will

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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