BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Let's Break Our Phones And Go Live On The Moon

All the small things in life are free,
for a reasonable price.
Tourists on vacation,
the world doesn't belong to us.

Let's take it back,
visiting hour is over.
Free the world from bonds of tedium,
but then disappear forever.

People can find us,
living on the moon.
Your world is no longer good enough for us,
the moon is ours for good.

'The pressure you put on me sends me to my knees. Covering my body in your heat. The mix of sweat and sex hangs heavy in the air; liquor and sin mix in a sickeningly sweet concoction of lies. Your love is as true as your orgasm.'

Fly the steel birds,
rising up and up.
We have moon lasers trained on you,
please stay still.

The moon is ours,
from now to eternity.
We left you a world without bonds,
stop trying to force them on to us.

'I never lied when I said I loved you. I never lied from the day I walked in the door. The times we spent were the happiest in my life, but there cannot be an us. Then or now, but the future, you know, is unwritten. So stand up and hold me in your arms. Kiss me like you want to. The moon is ours, love... but we forgot our phone chargers...'

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