Let's Burn The World Down

Poem By cady conley

Let us embed the flares upon our backs
Revel in the scorching embers scarring our skin
For a night to remember

Let the flames fly
Ashes settling to the ground as the day comes to its end
The flurry of fury and adrenaline sifting in with the carnage
Of a world we've left behind

The ashes may fall
But not the smoke, no
The smoke is the memories
The memories we wish to forget
The moments in time which have simmered at the backburner of our minds
Set aflame by the spark of our revolution

Let our smoke rise
Let the searing red scathe our backs
Let the revolution burn
Burn like our eyes as we try not to let the tears fall against our cheeks
Let it burn

Let the beams of the houses that never sheltered us come crashing down
Like our dreams
Crushed by the boot of the ones who stood far too tall
Let them scream

Scream like our childhood
Let us free from our childhood
Let the charred school bricks crumble
Let us creat a hell for those who made it life
For us

Let the leaves curl in on themselves
In a beauty of red and brown
Turning to rustic brown and black
Curl like us
On nights where the blade called so sweetly
Let the knot in the pit of your stomach as you read this twist and churn
Let your hands tremble
Let your eyes glow and flicker
Let them come alight with the revolution
Pick up your torch and let them burn

Let's burn the world down

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