Let's Come Together

Why can't we come together
Without bitterness or strife
To be there for each other
As a man is for his wife. Why do we see the color
Of a person's skin
When all we need to recognize
Is the heart that is there within. Why do we hate each other
Because one is black or white
You see God made all of us
And we are precious in his sight. When a person's skin is red
Or maybe their color is yellow
Some people began to offend them
But we need to be there for each other. You see God created all of us
From all around the world
Let's come together and hold hands
So our life will not be in a twirl. When are we going to reach our for peace
From all our sisters and brothers
And come together within that great love
That God wants us to have for each other.

by Dr. Pattie Pendry

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