WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Let's Dance

Let's Dance
Written by Wilfred Mellers, September 2,2915

Let's slow dance
Let's celebrate this romance
For you took a chance
My life you enhance
Let's dance you're worth a chance
My universe is expanding
With you while I'm dancing

You're so beautiful
A picture-perfect work of art
You are so wonderful
How you opened up my heart
With you, I feel powerful
This dance is incredible
For the night is magical
And the air is colorful

Wondrous and appealing
My soul to you I'm revealing
For the night feels unreal
Loving you is ideal
For you've got so much sex-appeal
So let's seal the deal
No longer what I feel I can conceal
On bent knees, I would kneel

I want to build my world around you
Thank god above that I've found you
Butterflies and rainbows too
I'm the stamp and you're the glue
This happiness I just can't hide
No longer can I hold it all inside
Holding you close is so surreal
Can't fight anymore what I feel

At one glance I was in a trance
So let me thank you for this dance in advance
Took me places that I've never been before
If it rains I don't care let it pour
You are more than I could ever hope for
You are my life and so much more
Above the clouds, my spirit sours
For you are mine and I am yours

So let's dance
Let's celebrate this romance
So let's dance away the night
For everything is going to be alright
When the morning comes
No longer will you be lonesome
Forever here I'm with you
For love like yours is long overdue

Only one dance that's all it took
On you now I'm surely hooked
Like stories told in a child's book
Heaven opened and the ground it shook
I'm captivated by you I'm motivated
Deep inside a monster you created
A burning flame that felt so nice
Once so bland until you added the spice
Of paradise, you are a slice
With you, I don't ever need to think twice

You opened up my appetite
I want to stay with you overnight
Such a pleasure and my delight
For that fire that you ignite
For my heart surely took flight
The script is there for you to rewrite
For the passion that you can incite
I'll spend my life not only one night

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