Let's Face It, She's Wonderful!

Her hair is black as ravens' wings cascading casually
Like oil out of newborn springs determined to be free!
Her eyes are grey as glistening clay within the potter's hands,
Like twilight melts away the day in service to God's plans...

Her cheeks are pink, flamingo style, when gentle and serene,
Until she blushes with a smile and scarlet tones are seen...
Her lips are red as ripened fruit and focus every thought...
It's not enough to say they're cute, if by true love you're caught.

Her teeth are white as polar ice, as shiny as the stars.
Her grins are wondrous, she's so nice that she gets oohs and ahs.
Her female frame transcends all dreams, all fervent hopes and prayers.
Enough to fuel some marriage schemes in he who dearly cares.

If I were blessed by her embrace, just once, then I'd propose,
Then kiss the lips upon her face, then offer her a rose...
If I were granted half a chance, I'd marry her next week!
With special licence for romance with her, the one I seek...

But you know me, I'm awfully shy! All tongue-tied when she's near!
Yet if she kissed me by and by, I know I'd lose all fear!
I'd be as brave as Superman! I'd stand tall as a king!
Yes, with one kiss I know I can do almost anything!

by Denis Martindale

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