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Let's Go For A Walk

Let us go for a walk

Would you like to come along?

You must keep silent and not talk

You must not notice that I exist

And let me wander unfollowed

Will you come along?

Wait...did I tell you?

You mustn't remain so quiet

Do sing along with that robin

And do you speak the tongue of that brook?

Can you hear what she says?

She still has a long way to go.

Are you scared?

It is the middle of the night

And they say I am not sane much

Will you walk with me to the end of this night?

Maybe the darkness's hands would pull me inside

Will you scream for fright?


I belong with them

You can come along if you please

Are you already afraid?

Stay where you are

Fear has no place in that hell.

by Anusha Sreekant

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be silent when you walk with me now sing a song with the robin walk with me to the end of the night Fear has no place.... your poetic mind weaves patterns with imaginary thread........ thank you dear poetess. tony