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Let’s Go Now
LNC (11/09/1986 / Cork, Ireland.)

Let’s Go Now

This morning you knocked at my door.
Rock in hand, smile on face,
You pounded at my skull.

I got myself together,
Tied back what was left of my hair,
And left.

Watch your world race from you.
I’m taking you away.
You are not meant to see my face,
You are a back passenger.
I’m moving to a void I don’t recognize.
I’m taking you with me.

We pass the familiar inlets,
Fear and delusion,
You cry to enter their sanctuary
But I am focused on the void.
Your weight hinders my steps,
But I’m taking you with me.

What lies within this abyss?
We travel deeper.
You are silent.
Respect for this journey we have made.
Deeper and deeper,
Past our childhoods
And our worldly positions.
Past the jokes we have made,
Closer to the nights we have spent
On the boundaries of this,
When distance stood proud
And we quivered under its command.
When we cried each others tears,
Yet nothing like a well worn circumstance.

We delve into the emptiness.
I see your face in a flash of time.
The last flash of time.

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Comments (3)

Utterly fantastic poem. So descriptive that I found myself contoring my face with anger right from the begining (Rock in hand, smile on face - You pounded at my skull) . Remarkable. Thanks for sahring it with us. 10
damn girl! Im really starting to like your stuff! ! ! I pull whats left of my hair away from my face, the pounding in the skull! ! great friggen job. awesome
Wow! This one is amazing! Your first few lines hook the reader in and the journey that follows is fascinating and open to many possible interpretations. A strongly crafted personal piece with some memorable images and a powerful emotional core. Welcome to the site. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx