NH (2/18/1963 / ohio)

Let's Hang'Em High

Let's hang'em high
Those so called politicians
Let's hang them from their feet
Let's make that our missions

If we hang them by their feet
It will let blood run to their head
They might get a bit dizzy
But the air will soon leave their heads

Hang them there for a while
See if they get any common sense
If not we'll try again
Somewhere along a fence

Just hang them by their feet
Don't give them any pitty
Just pitty the poor ol buzzards
For having to eat something that darn gritty

After you look some over
You can see what tax money can buy
Some are sneakier than a fox
Not very witty, but think they're sly

So get that rope around their feet
Pull it over that big limb
Let's hang them as high as we can
Hangin rats like that, surely can't be a sin

When ever their mouth is moving
Youn know they are telling a lie
And they want to walk all over us
Like we are some comunist spy

Let's just hang all politicians
We don't need them anyway
If we get rid of all of them
this world would be a better place to stay

wrote 3/7/2008 by Norman Hale Jr.

by norman hale

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