.(*_*) Let's Have A Party! !

A party a party!
I'll have a big party
Lunch is too thinner
Let's do a dinner
A new menu for all
dinner made of soul,
I'll do it next week
many, I shall seek:
Made of sugar, the sweet soul
with sour perfectly shall go.
Bitter and sweet
Such a funny fit.
Forget not
the chilli pepper
Keeps us hot
For ever and ever.
One pinch of precious sault
to bring up best taste:
Don't make it a waste
Done! All ingredents lined up
Mixed with all the love I got
The greatest party I shall start.
No need for invitations
But I'll collect donations
Regardless if is large or small
Natural or forced, only one smile
or two or a few more I will collect
from those who pass the door.
Please come, you're most welcome.

by Elena Sandu

Comments (4)

I surely will come at your party! NEXT week you say? OK dear friend, I will take my friends you recommend and easy to comprehend, WOW! Such a long time it has been so QUIETEST and now this party will go happening next week..Sure, I will come.
Here I come, to your great and exciting party! I would donate my poems, my songs, just like an artist.
I'm sure any party with you would be absolutely fun. Beautiful writing, this makes me want to throw a party.
A very nice poem! 10 points!