~ Let's Help Africa ~

Don't offer me,
Luxury suites with
Queenly beds to lay my head,
Otherwise I will show you mud huts
In Africa with bamboo beds.

Don't tell me,
about the latest fashion,
You think are pretty sweet,
I care more for children in Africa,
With no shoes on their little feet.

Don't show me
Breaking news on Television,
And make me cry,
Just give me your hand,
Let's help Africa,
Then you can watch me smile.

by Sita Madu Wynn

Comments (2)

although your idea about lets help africa is correct, i dont quite agree that there are mud hut every where in africa. in imo state where you are from, are there not queenly beds
Your poem is very moving and brought tears to my eyes. You are 100% correct, 'Let's Help Africa.'