Let's Part While We Still Can Be Friends

Oh, how did we get here from there
From the love that we shared yesteryear
Do you remember the good times
We shared in the old times?
Those memories we hold are so dear.

But, was it as good as it seems?
Perhaps they were just foolish dreams,
I thought that I knew you,
And loved and adored you,
But now we’re just friends, so it seems.

Somehow we have grown far apart,
Tho’ you’ll always be here in my heart
Our passion has died
And deep down inside
We know we both need a new start

So let’s part while we still can be friends
‘They’ say all beginnings have ends
And I’d hate, for the old times,
To hate in the new times
Let’s part while we still can be friends.

by Terry Brewer

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A sad poem at first glance, but in reality a beautiful sentiment. Well done, Terry. Brian