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Let's Plot To Defeat Ebola Now
(10/02/1960 / Haiti)

Let's Plot To Defeat Ebola Now

Poem By Hebert Logerie

Let's plot to eradicate Ebola, hunger, poverty,
Racism and all other ills of our society.
Let's stop the spread of all lethal and fatal disease.
Let's call MI5, the CIA, the KGB, the CDC, etc. to appease,
To eradicate this deadly virus, which is threatening
The very survival of mankind, and our offspring.
Let's stop the lies, the backstabbing, and the hypocrisy;
Our world will disappear if we don't start living in harmony.
Let's have a truce, a cease fire. Let's end the nightmare.
Let's end all wars. Let's learn to respect, to love and to admire.

Let's plot to defeat breast cancer and all types of cancer.
Let's work to feed and to help the world. Let's stop hunger.
Let's stop fighting now. We can do better than the clichés.
We can improve our world; we can have a better community.
Our world is too valuable to mistreat it. Let's send attachés
With good and honorable intentions. Let's protect humanity.
Let's plot to stop all wars. Let's defeat Ebola, AIDS, SIDA, malaria,
Discrimination, injustice, racism, nepotism, all types of bad isms,
All types of disease and all ills of our society. Let's stop Ebola
Today. Our world is in danger, let's come up with better systems.

Let's build a true democratic society, and stop backstabbing each other.
Let's plot to defeat selfishness, prostate cancer and all types of cancer.
Let's call Cheka, the FBI, the Institute and all types of secret acronyms.
We are in a state of emergency. We must sever the stems and the streams
Of Ebola. We must get together; we must plot to defeat, to stop Ebola.
Instead of spying on each other, killing and destroy each other,
Let's use our resources, ingenuity and technology to make things better
For all mankind: Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia, North and South America,
And all corners of our world. Let's plot to eradicate Ebola now.
We have defeated other diseases in the past. We definitely know how.

Copyright© October 22,2014, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several poetry books.

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