Let's Remove Your Rotten Heart

I'd like to tie a tourniquet
around your wounded heart
and watch until the blood
stops dripping
then I would cut away the mangled mass
of decaying vessels that hang
below the pulsing mound of life.

Perhaps then you could begin,
begin to feel, begin to love,
begin to live.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (11)

Excellent title! Quite the grabber. I wouldn't want to make you mad, either...but hey, poets are supposed to have a 'streak'. :) This poem brought vampires to mind...which makes it all the more interesting.
Intense, Mary. Hope you don't cross my path, I'd be SO scared, lol. I'd vote a good number if you allowed it.
I really like this, still loving and caring...It has such a different feel though to your recent work. A dark edge which i love. Thank you for sharing. Kindest Regards Slim. x.
Mary! it's a great surgery.............if the patient recovered? I like the humour which hides in the poem.
Dear Mary, Something about this reminds me of the story of the ice Queen, I don't know, what do you think.Either way it's another poem packed with honesty and feeling.Love Duncan
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