AMS (8-22-93 / Oceanside, California)

Let's Run Away Together

i love you enough to spend the rest of my life with you
lets just run away tonight
we can hide from tomorrow
excape the world
i need to be with you
alone without all of these distractions
away from the pain and suffering
that the world makes us feel when we arn't together
i need you
lets run away from the world
we can hide from pain
and be together
and share our love for eachother


Comments (1)

Man I wished that I could ran away, but I know you can't run away from something cause it always comes back to bite you. So why am I hiding from it all when I should step up and take it like a man and move on from it and grow stronger. I know what I should do, but why is it so hard to do what you know you should do?