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Let's Talk
GR (2/16/94 / San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Let's Talk

If you don't say anything you'll contribute nothing.

It's like people are too scared of what others say when it's never mattered anyway.

I'm a man of the people, my universal waters flow, let the waters go into streams, that slowly water the seeds, as they grow into our future hope, break out of your shell and scream.

I'm sick of all the racist and all the separate races, going out and spreading all the hatred.

No one sees we're sinking, because no one is thinking.

Lets talk, realize it's all our own fault, we all have the combination to our own vault, move in silence through the night to make sure you don't get caught, then you'll see what indifference has brought and 'great minds' were bought, it's hard to know better when we were never even taught.

Don't fight against brother or sister, learn to let it go.

Don't let this world take your heart or the streets take your soul.

Listening to revolutionaries is cool for learning but you see it's all secondary because you're living and they're all buried.

I feel my back is so heavy because the load I carry is the world and I'll always remain wary.

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