Let's Talk About Love!

Let's talk about love! Let's give hate the shove!
Let's celebrate all that love is!
Reflect on the joy for each girl and boy
Enmeshed in the thrill of a kiss!

Love glides round in style! Love guides with a smile!
Love looks up with hope in its eyes!
Reflect on the prayers of sweethearts in pairs
And listen to all of their sighs!

Let's talk about love! Let's think of the dove!
Let's cherish the heart's great reward!
Reflect on the peace that starts to increase
Whenever true love is outpoured!

Let's learn a love song! Let's sing it out strong!
Let's pass on Good News every day!
Reflect on God's grace! God's kindness embrace!
Determined to share love some way!

Let's visit Loveland! Let's walk hand-in-hand!
Let's honour the blessings we've known!
Reflect on this truth: Love's never aloof!
For true love cannot walk alone...

by Denis Martindale

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