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Let’s Tango On
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Let’s Tango On

Poem By Ivy Christou

I wish that tonight,
before the sunrise comes,
we can dance as passionate as we can
for as long the music plays
and we are still young and full of life.
Then I will be able to smile for no reason at all,
dream with out time limits,
give with out thinking what I’m losing,
dance just for the sake of the moment.

If only we could tango on no matter what,
as if age is meaningless and
the fire in our souls is enough
to keep the fading music
and the blinding lights
A bit longer.
A lifetime longer.
Then, at least in my mind,
No one will ever be really blind or deaf.

And even if the music stops,
Because they think it is too late
And the lights expose us again
to the rest of the world
and the dance floor no longer belongs to us
but to the next generation
that can dance faster and better,
promise to me that at least in our dreams
nothing will change and we’ll continue to dance
until the dance floor becomes a cloud,
and the music a chorus of angels.

Then I’ll be able to consider
our hopes timeless
and ourselves immortals.

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Comments (3)

A fantasy of a Tango dance with a dear person, was your inspiration to write this poem. Bravo.
darn i wish i could get my husband to dance...lovely poem
If only we could tango on no matter what, As if age is meaningless and The fire in our souls is enough That's certainly the wish of everyone *I* know. Nice use of the immortal tango metaphor. Now let's do it, folks!