Let's Understand

It is in the incarnation
That the Church must look and see
The work of regeneration
By God's Spirit in you and me.

How can we ever understand
Our new birth without knowing
How the incarnation happened
God did it for our growing.

The Holy Spirit came upon
God's power overshadowed;
Conception happened at that time
The Son of God foreshadowed.

So, the Spirit comes at new birth
God's Word does shadow all;
Conception then has taken place
You are a son of God, by call.

It's in regeneration
That we understand how He
Became flesh at incarnation;
It happened that we might see.

Just how our Saviour, Yeshua
Was born upon that night;
And how that all He did
Was to guide our way by Light.

'cause all He did was for us
That we might understand;
Just what is our position
In Him in Whom we stand.

So, if we understand His birth,
Life, death and resurrection
We will also understand
About our Lord's ascension.

Hallel, each part of His life
Speaks always of salvation;
Then let us come to understand
The coming consummation.

by Richard Merrell

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