Lets be right here with all the flowery fakeness bulging out of our souls
Let’s pretend we care about what others think and wake our selves with the wealth we only wished we had
Let’s go through life with out a care a live like queens and kings and pay with our death
Lets do what’s right to please everyone around
Let’s play this game like we don’t care if we win
Let’s play this game like we always win
Let’s play this game like I've never won…
Let’s take life in a subtle way
Let’s do this thing right
Let’s kill like we hate everything
I step on those roses!
I step on those ants
I kill like I don’t care!
So I guess the life I take isn’t important
I go along and no one charges me with my crimes
It’s the life that’s simple…
I killed a person… but, he looked like a bug? Does that make it okay?
Alright let’s play this game like I don’t care
Cause I don’t
Let’s take life in any way we please
Lets die with all faith lost
Let’s act like we care… but we don’t.
Let’s play this game like I’ve never won
Let’s play this game like it will all soon be done

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