Let Someone Get To Know You

With a daring to be confrontational.
Quick to express an opinion,
As if wisdom was only to them sent.
Although unpretentious,
When asked to pass a hint of judgement.
And that sometimes is unsolicited.'

When I requested you to describe me.
I referred to my physical features.
Not what you've heard from others,
That have no merit or basis of fact.

'I think you are gorgeous!
How's that?
There is yet a remedy invented,
That will prevent your mouth.
From contradicting how you come across,
To others.

And you say you are serious in seeking,
A meaningful relationship?
With what?
Or whom?
Or is it who? '

Remind me not to ask you,
To do me a favor ever again.

'Just keep your mouth shut!
That's all you've got to do.
Let someone get to know you,
Before they run away.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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