Let The Better Sense Prevail!

Those melodious sounds
Chirping of birds
Sound of waterfall
Wind passing rustling leaves

by Mohammed Asim Nehal Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

In the first lines, you have enumerated the most beautiful and pleasing-to-the-ear sounds, then comes the disruption: annoying as the loud chats, speeding motorbikes, dog-barking; especially at night when I try to sleep. I have an extraordinary sensitivity to noise, yet I very much enjoy listening to music. I can relate to this poem.
Yes! Let the better sense prevail. Nice piece of work.
The sounds of Nature are often pleasant, but man made sounds especially those loud sounds made by machines or a mass of people can be damaging. Such sounds can impair even our hearing! How we wish that the better sense prevails in everything!
I am now more awarre of the various sounds around after reading this lovely read thanks Asim
Nice portrayal of various sounds around us- some created by nature and others by man made machines. But there are other sounds, too, which are too harsh to bear and are created by groups of mindless people on one pretext or the other. So, let the better sense prevail. Thanks, Asimji.
~I hope that better sense will prevail too. A delightful poem