WG (August 19,1993 / Ruidoso, New Mexico)

Let The Past Bleed To Only Hurt In The Future

I remember how hard we used to laugh until we fell to the ground turning red
We we're the best of friends almost like sisters enough said.....
Partner's in crime
The happiest of time

Who would of thought it was all going to end
That you we're faking to be a good friend
Another regret I can hold on to how great!
I am the way I am because people made me that way with their lies and hate

I may smile in lies
But I cry in those sad goodbye's
You used me and laughed in my face
Foolish I sure feel
Came out to be my heart you knew how to steal

I hate the fact I loved you
It's amazing how lies got in the way of what I thought was true
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger thay say
Though I smiled to your emrace, I rather frown to being apart any day

Let me rid of the past
So I can recover fast
Clear my mind with an earaser
I rather die than chase her

We look alike, dress the same
But you'll always be to blame
Love to you, was a game
So now your face will pure in shame

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