Let The Smile Never Fade /3

Poem By Kirstie Kehner

So why did he do it
Knowing that it would make so many people cry
Thinking how he still went through with it
Is still the biggest surprise

The secret lie which concealed his pain
Laid upon his moon lit face
The rope from which he told his feelings
Was his last and final embrace

He let his mark on all our lives
Whether it be a smile or a tear
And even though he chose his fate
He’s still going to be with us for many years

A place in our hearts will always belong to him
For all the good times and the bad
And all the tears that fall at night
Are for the memories that were left to be had

So why did he give up?
Even though he’d know that everyone would cry
Still wondering why that little miracle gave in
Is still the biggest and hardest surprise

Comments about Let The Smile Never Fade /3

beautiful tribute to suicide victims and their families. you got good rhyme going, but you could tweak the lines a bit - some of the rhyme is forced.

2,7 out of 5
10 total ratings

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