MS (25-11-1960 / Pakistan)

Let The Sun Arise A Bit

Let the sun arise a bit,
Many tears of mine,
On the surface of my heart,
Are ice-formed, frozen,
Will melt pouring out,
In the form of verse;
But wait,
Let the sun arise a bit,
Let it appear,
From behind the mountains.

Then from the snowy rocks,
The snow will dissolve,
The drops of water then joining,
Will move directing themselves,
To seek out the channels,
To originate the streams,
To formulate the river,
The several rivers merging,
With one another,
Will shape the oceans.

Think a while,
One who is in incessant journey,
Was mere a drop,
Sometime became it a stream,
And on the other a river.

Lo! Where the journey is accomplished,
These poems, these ghazals,
Are merely my verses,
But see!
They begin wherefrom,
To be poured upon the pages,
And whereto they are finalized,
But wait,
Let the sun arise a bit,
From behind the mountains.

by Muhammad Shanazar

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