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Let The Time To Tell Us........

I realized now that only time can tell us
when we will meet and be together soon
I will wait for you patiently till our time come
You are a special person for me with true heart
and I am sure that I will reach you at right time
I will always see you in dreams and hug you with joy
but I have to wait for my time to make it reality
No matter the distance keep us apart now
but the time will bring you to me soon with feelings
At the moment your memories brings me happiness
but my loneliness kills me without you being here
Waiting for the time anxiously to be in your arms
Waiting for the time earnestly to be in your soul
Waiting for the time honestly to share your love
Let the time to tell us when we will be together

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

Copyright @2005 Ravi Sathasivam

by Ravi Sathasivam

Comments (2)

sir, good afternoon i read all your poems and i really like it and enjoy it alot. Sir your peoms touch the heart. thanx u sir
This is a great poem Ravi, I loved it! Well done.. HBH