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Let The White Dove Fly Again 1914-18 War
RT ( / Rochester, Kent, UK)

Let The White Dove Fly Again 1914-18 War

Poem By Roy Turke

Come on my lads, and over the top
these words their Officers cried
then over the top, in their thousands went
and in fields of mud, they died.
Those didn't ask for reasons
like how, or where and why
but gladly they, marched off to war
as their loved ones waved goodbye.
But why do these conflicts happen
are young men, doomed from birth
to fight and die in a foreign land
and for what, a few feet of earth.
Now our leaders should all be united
and make sure, that all wars must cease
so that sons and daughters, can live normally
and our grandchildren grow up in peace.
And if humans could now make an effort
to end all this misery and pain
then live together, in close harmony
and let the white dove, fly again.

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