LY (02/02/1985 / Asmara)

Can'T Break Up

I'm getting the hell out of dodge!
How about I drive you there?
No! I'm serious!
Who is he?
A hot-jig that can't be puck with.
I will puck him up!
Only if apples were orange...
Then be gone!
I shall!
You should!
I'm past you already.
Either you're delirious...
Or, I'm not.
We will see about that.
If we had time, we would.
No time can't stop this.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

Comments (5)

Lidi dear, i've read all your poems and this one inspired me in alot of things and as for me being an Eritrean too, well you've said everything that has to be said.
Lidi, it's cool to see you here, with yet another lovely poem. Keep them coming. Peace.
I say 'Amen' to that! Your country has suffered so much it deserves a long and lasting peace. Good poem. I think the repetition of the two last lines works well.
Yes, Lidia......''Let the wind blow and whistle in my ears'' ~ U make a very beautiful poem from the words inside your heart. Let the spoils of war not be glorified. Telling a story like this teaches.
Lidia, it's a shame that revenge so often takes precendence over forgiveness. A wonderful poem of hope and peace... nicely done. Brian